International Full Gospel Ministry headquartered at Puthuveli in Kottayam District in Kerala State is the culmination of the visionary dream of Mrs. Molly Philip. It is the result of her covenant with her Saviour that if ever she is getting enough money to support poor children, she will do everything possible to give food, shelter and education to some children. We started our journey in 2002. We firmly believe:-th June, 2004, she started the Trust under her leadership. Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. Secularism, fraternity, tolerance, compassion and love should be the real goal of life..True love calls for sacrifice, selfless behaviour and compassion..Man is a social being and has huge responsibility to the society in which he lives, the environment and the universe as a whole.Charity should begin at home and should be initiated from the depth of heart.All the activities of charity should be for the common well being of the society, country and humanity as a whole.We wish to redefine the concept of charitable activates in a new dimension. The principle of work is worship should be the basis of all activities..We have arrayed a host of services for the poor and destitute. All our activities shall be based on the ethical values of humanity, compassion secular fraternity, social equality, tolerance, perseverance and tranquillity.

Our History

International Full Gospel Ministry is an association of family members of Mrs. Molly Philip with distinctly different vision, mission and practice of the principle work is worship. Based on the universal humanitarian concepts of tolerance, secularism, fraternity, tranquillity, universal brotherhood, protection and care of the poor, destitute and socially backward people we started our journey in 2004

Mission and Vision

We came into this world with empty hands. We will definitely go from this world empty handed. What we have today was not ours yesterday. Tomorrow it will not be ours. All we consider as ours are not really ours. The though itself is a mirage. We have never been sad on what we do not have or possess. We are not exalted also on what we have or possess. We consider ourselves as a custodian only of what we have.

Modes Operante

Everyone came into this world with well set talents. Majority of them are not exposing their talents or grow according to their talents. Opportunities were denied to majority due various socio, economic, cultural and genetic factors. Our style of action is to go deep into the needy people, find out the factors hindering them from emerging into main line and supporting them to grow in their own talents.